The MiKE Initiative and Bucketworks are hosting a Free Mobile Event and Hackathon.

Topics Include:

Mobile Development: Developing and Launching in 90 Days
Mobile Business: Strategy and ROI
Mobile Design: Mobile Design is for Mobile Users
-  Mobile Business: Mobile Considerations for Nonprofit, Arts & Culture


161 W Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee
Inside Grand Avenue Mall, across from The Chocolate Factory and above TJ Maxx
706 South 5th Street, Milwaukee

More Information:



Art J
12/05/2011 08:26

Great presentation on Mobile Considerations for Nonprofit, Arts & Culture. Good job handling both technical and non-profit audiences.

Matthew Friedel
12/09/2011 12:01

Thanks for the comment Art.

02/12/2013 05:36

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06/07/2013 01:28

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06/07/2013 01:29

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